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Firsov Evgeny

ПЭК, founder and CEO

Russia's largest logistics and distribution company

Efimov Dmitry

Senior Vice President of STADA AG for Russia, CIS

Russia's leading international producer of pharmaceuticals

Sedih Anatoly

United Metallurgical Company, chairman of the board

World's leading producer of large diameter pipes

Eremina Natalya

United Metallurgical Company, chair of the management board

World's leading producer of large diameter pipes

Safin Denis

ZTZ, main shareholder

Major producer of large diameter pipes

Andrey Komarov

Chelpipe, main shareholder

Russia's leading producer of steel tubes & pipes

Miller Alexey

Gazprom, deputy chairman

Producer and exporter of natural gas

Naumova Olga

Rimera, CEO

Russia's leading oilfield service company

Vorobyev Andrey

Governor of Moscow Oblast

Hartmut Retzlaff

Chairman of the management board

International pharmaceutical company

Ushakovs Nils

Mayor of Riga (capital of Latvia)

Potanin Vladimir

"Nornickel", CEO

Russian nickel and palladium mining and smelting company

Dyukov Alexander

"Gazprom Neft", CEO

Fourth largest oil producer in Russia

Sergey Mironov

The State Duma, deputy

Kolobkov Pavel

Russian Government, Minister of Sport

Chernikova Alvetina

MISiS, rector

The National University of Science and Technology

What kind of project do we handle?

Package and pitch your business project to Russian investors

Connect you to buyers, investors and officials

Get you ready to win support of Russian officials

Prepare your project to be pitched in US and EU

Assist you with winning large procurements

Craft a message for PR and GR projects

Results of our work

The project was approved by the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin

Company was listed as one of the key suppliers of gas giant "Gazprom"

Our client received a 32 million euro investment to develop a new line of pharmaceutical products

Company obtained exclusive distribution rights for Russia and CIS from world's leading manufacturer

Product entered 670 American health food stores in 8 states and grossed 11 million USD in second year since introduction

New company strategy that our client has presented became endorsed by 11.512 employees of a multi-national corporation

Key idea of our client's project was broadcasted by 8 nationwide TV stations

International success of the club of exporters "Riga Mark"


What can we do for you?

Provide quick evaluation of your project by your target audience (investors, buyers, officials)

Pitch and sell the project with you (or on your behalf)

Gather data, write a pitch, package your project

Prepare you for interaction with Russian business and government leaders

Get you through to Russian buyers, investors and officials

Legal and financial advice

Kellermann Grigoryan

Nikita Kellermann

Worked with and on behalf of private and public sector customers in 9 countries. Developed and pitched major projects for oil&gas, construction, pharmaceutical, hi-tech and other industries, helping to secure purchase and investment deals worth an excess of 720 million euro. Co-founder of RussianAmerican exports organization "Liberty Trade & Exports". Noted by Forbes magazine.

Mikhail Grigoryan

Among Russia's top communication specialists. Since 1996 assisted country's senior officials, owners and top-management of largest domestic and international corporations. Mikhail Grigoryan was a key strategist for political campaigns of mayors, governors and deputies in Russia and abroad, including 2011 Russian State Duma elections and 2012 Russian Presidential elections.


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